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Why Porcelain Is The Best Dinnerware Material

“No matter how many dinnerware material options become available each year, porcelain is still the best dinnerware material up until today.”


With the availability of new materials to manufacture dinnerware, porcelain has become one of the options that is often overlooked compared to melamine or plastic in the name of convenience. What we are losing is the use of porcelain dinnerware and this is such a shame as old family tradition will not anything but the best of dinnerware for their everyday dining.

Carnivale Champagne (M619)

Despite unlimited options, up until today, porcelain still proofs itself as the best dinnerware material that is not only durable, easy to use and clean but also more eco-friendly compared to plastic and melamine. If you are one of the people who is aware of the beauty in using porcelain dinnerwares, you can make a change in this reversing this trend. In this article, we are going to do just that by looking into the points regarding porcelain and aspects to consider when buying it.


1. Manufacturer

Gloria (L553)

It is vital to purchase your dinnerware from reputable porcelain dinnerware companies such as Noritake Tableware. Reputable and good porcelain dinnerware companies make sure that they produce the best dinnerwares with the best quality porcelain that withstand through time and also have spare pieces in case one of the porcelain pieces in your set breaks.


2. Cost

Glendonald Gold (1712) & Platinum (1713)

Even though melamine and plastic dinnerware cost less than porcelain dinnerware. Porcelain dinnerware sets is always a good investment to make as it is worth every penny with the durability, quality and style it serves. Not only is it stylish on your table but also accentuates the colour of your food, making your dinner experience more pleasant than ever.


3. Pattern


Your decision to purchase your porcelain dinnerware will be greatly impacted by your own personal preference in regards to design and visual imagery. The choices is endless when it comes to porcelain dinnerware sets as it comes in different sizes, shapes, patterns, textures and decorations. It can be of a simple solid-white design or a complex design with polka-dot pattern and embellished with different decorations, there is really no limit. Some porcelain dinnerware such as Noritake Tableware even allows you to make custom dinnerware so that you can eat your dinner in your own style.


Here are the collection of simple and patterned porcelain dinnerware that you can purchase from us:

  1. Braidwood (4341) features a textured decal in sepia with a dark brown outer band and a repeating shell and scroll motif in the same tones. Each shell is topped with a jewel like accent dot of emerald green, and a 22K gold trim adds an elegant final touch.

  1. Loxley (M074) The striking faux marble band in sandy cream on a white porcelain body, accentuated by gold lines, creates a beautiful table setting. The rim features a stylish embossed leaf motif on gold for added finesse. The gold trim on this pattern means it is not safe for use in the microwave.

  1. Hampshire Platinum (4336) Manufactured from white fine china, a delicate ‘raised’ lace pattern adorns an ‘ice blue’ coloured sleek satin band, surrounded by a classy 24K embossed platinum trim.

  1. Austin Platinum (4360) features bands of platinum, black, and platinum dots, finished with a platinum band etched with an infinite scroll design. Austin Platinum is chip resistant, dishwasher safe and comes attractively gift boxed.


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