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Pamper your Dinner Guests with a Beautiful Table as a Host

Decorating the dinner table right can do wonders to put you and your guests in a party mood.

Are you wondering how to decorate your table at any party?

Food? Checked. Music? Checked. But hold it. Things are not quite complete if the dining table is left with just minimum bare essentials. It’s a big festive time of the year- the Hari Raya Celebration, so you’re planning on holding a little party in the comfort of your own home. To complete the look for the special occasion, then recommend you go all the way and dress up that tabletop too!

We always love to dine on a beautifully decorated table. The more the table looks pretty, the more we enjoy the food.

“A beautifully set table is the perfect canvas for a delicious meal.”

Table Dressing Ideas with high-end, luxury tableware- in time for your party celebration!

As Ramadan is just around the corner, let us help you create some Eid creations for a sophisticated, tablescape. Inspired by world cultures, Artelia’s elegant luxury tableware and unique decorations open a whole new world of entertainment possibilities for you, your guests, your party events, and your table settings.

If you are looking for some luxurious and festive-worthy table dressing ideas, then you have come to the right place.

During the festive holiday season, many people decorate their homes, from the exterior to the interior. Decorating the dinner table, your dinner guests, family, and extended family members will be transformed into the festive holiday mood immediately.

Here is an inspiration for your festive table decoration.

The arrival of Ramadan followed by the Raya/Eid festive holiday season has all of us who are celebrating looking forward to dusting off our entertaining skills. From the proper arrangement of tableware to achieving a beautiful aesthetic, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of table etiquette.

1. Find the INSPIRATION:

Not sure where to start with your table décor?

Consider committing to a single décor colour. If everything’s the same colour, you can mix and match all kinds of décor and still end up with something cohesive.

The first piece of any table-setting puzzle is to figure out the overall aesthetic. This means finding inspiration, be it in colour, a seasonal flower, a porcelain pattern, or a theme. By building the table around this one piece, you’ll simplify the process for yourself and ensure consistency in the style creation.

2. Dress up the table in its PARTY CLOTHES:


Table Linen – Add a pop of thematic branding to your table display with your chosen table cloth and runner to match. Let your table runners run across the width rather than the length and bring your space together with a centerpiece of your choosing.

Once you have picked an element to build your table around, choose complementary colours for the linens/table cloth and napkins, flowers, candles, place cards, tableware, and silverware.

Pull your beautiful fabric to up the feeling of elegance, and the colour or shades selected will help set as the backdrop for the table.

3. Draw attention to a focal point, with a spectacular CENTERPIECE:

Create a Focal Point in the center with delicate elegant blooms or greenery.

The truth is, a good centerpiece doesn’t have to be complex to be pretty. Adorn your tables with flowers, for an uplifting and fragrant touch. All you need for this is to have your favourite plants or flowers along with some Artelia glass bottles. To make it a little more interesting, you can fill five or six vases with matching flowers, instead. Adorning your table with plants is a classic choice, but if you want to add sophistication to the look, dining rooms and candlesticks pair beautifully together.

4. Add PORCELAIN for ‘Lux’ aesthetic look and feel:

The impact of true quality, luxury tableware cannot be underestimated. No table is complete without a good set of elegant tableware to match your table decor, and especially if yours is particularly pretty, you might want to have them on display. Since you might at this point, already set up your table linens, do ensure they should match your table, and should make a striking addition to your space. Also, find your sleekest serving bowl, and stick it in the center of your table.

Options: Aim to have a variety of textures and materials from coloured glass, and crystal glass, through to mother of pearl and silver and shagreen, as long as you stick to the theme and/colours.

5. Elevate your serving and display with the SILVERWARE:

Creating the perfect table settings requires only a few minutes, but to add the ‘wow’ factor to your dinner party, you may need to include the right mix-and-match from linens to plates/porcelain to the right cutlery ideas.

If your colour theme is to have a light or rustic texture as your backdrop (linens or table mate), then plain white silverware and tableware/plates are all you need to keep the table setting looking simple and fresh.

Elevate your serving and display presentation with this beautiful silver look heavyweight cutlery set!

6. Don’t forget the GLASSES to dress up the table

You don’t need to have an expert eye for colour, you can easily create a classy setting using the right blend of table décor, tableware, and glassware in the right tone and shades for your chosen aesthetic.

Use coloured glasses to dress up and add ‘glints’ (sparkle) to the table on top of beautiful linen textures and dinnerware and the centerpiece display.

The type of glassware/glasses you’ll have on the table depends on the food and drinks menu.
Photo Image: Artelia

7. Choose a NAPKIN look

The Napkin rings that run through the Napkins add sparkle and are subtle enough not to be overpowering, yet cohesive enough to pull all the elements together to look and feel like a theme.

Set the Table:

Ultimately, the table should be a feast for the eyes with lots of interest to gently stir your guests with anticipation for delicious food. Colour blocking has been a huge trend in fashion and beauty for the last few years and can be equally successful on your table. Restrict your palette to three(3) to five (5) tones and mix and match sets around the table for a bold, contemporary setting with great depth.

When it comes to creating the perfect dining experience, ARTELIA owns a reputation that is second to none. As the first Luxury Tableware Concept Store in Malaysia that has evolved over four decades, ARTELIA caters to its elite customers bringing exclusivity and uniqueness to each meal on your table. From hosting a banquet to friends gathering, ARTELIA accompanied you with its finest brands in tableware, exquisite pieces, limited edition designs, or even the latest and most contemporary, to make your entertaining fun, memorable, with style and class.
To shop for luxury tableware elegant fine glass and silverware, and also decorative ornaments adorning corners of your interior, go to


Date: 22nd March 2022
By: Teresa Dian Chew,
Principal Image Consultant, Chief Influencer and Author

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