Luxury Wine Decanter

Choosing a wine decanter isn’t as hard as it is supposed to be. Although it comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes but trusts me, choosing the perfect wine decanter will surely be worth it. All wine decanters are beautiful but the shape and the sizes are correlated to their usage.

What kind of wine do you usually serve or drink? What is the volume? How many bottles of wine are being served? These are important questions you need to address before choosing the right wine decanter.

For an overall wine decanter, it’s best if you would go for a bigger volume decanter as it helps to swirl and decant the wine instead of a smaller wine decanter. With a fuller volume of the neck, it would be easier to hold and swirl. Check out ARTELIA’s collection of wine decanters in Malaysia, and pick the best fit for you right here in Malaysia.

Luxury Wine Carafe

Check out our luxury designer glassware here in ARTELIA. If you’re looking for a wine glasses set or a wine carafe, we have it all here. Our wine glasses set and wine carafe will surely elevate your tablescape. Our luxury wine glasses and wine carafe will surely enhance your dinner party with designer drinking glasses, elegant wine glasses, and crystal wine carafes. Check out our luxury glassware today.

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