IVV Les Duex Amis Vase H20Cm Glossy Antique Pink

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ICONS Les Deux Amis Vase (1964) Collection in Solid Color MOUTH-BLOWN Glass – Antique Pink

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Produced for the first time in 1962, on request of a French film producer for his villa on the French Riviera, they were then put into regular production in 1964. Made of hand-blown glass, made entirely by hand, these two vases speak of the spirit of a decade that has made history, on the border between the sunset of uses, customs and ideas considered untouchable and the dawn of fashions, transgressions, revolutionary thought and art currents. Les Duex Amis are now re-proposed in the two original shapes and colors, pink and sugar paper.

IVV, Industria Vetraria Valdarnese, was established back in 1952 by a group of master glassmakers. Through the years, IVV has made a name of itself as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of handmade blown glass, combining innovative research, design, traditional artisan techniques and strict process controls to create glass objects which provide a new sense of style to the home and table.


Collection in Solid Color MOUTH-BLOWN Glass
Color: Antique Pink

Diameter (inch): 7.9
Height (inch): 7.9

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